"I have struggled with anxiety and depression literally all my life! Since my past life regression with Susie, I now experience more inner peace than I have ever known before. The constant pressure in my chest and racing heartbeat is gone..... I felt so much better I even gave my daughter a session!"
(V.N. Waynesville, NC)

"Susie has been an intuitive councilor and regression therapist to me since 1999, helping to guide me through the rough spots of life concerning both the physical and the emotional issues. Her gifts are many, and her willingness to help is awesome, making her invaluable to those who seek her assistance."
(L.P. Roanoke, VA)

"Life's experiences often seem to reflect karm... physical pain with no purpose is frustrating and seemingly hopeless. Susie helped to connect the 'dots' so that the past could finally be overcome....remarkable, thank you...."
(J.C. Canton, NC)

"My experience with Susie was very healing. I have suffered from chronic headaches since I was a child, with no real relief, no matter what I did. So much so, that I used Aspirin like candy in an effort to control the pain...until I had this amazing regression therapy! I now REALLY believe that the root of my pain was due to an accident I suffered in a past life, I saw it clearly. Once that memory was released my headaches stopped completely.....amazing! Highly recommend this treatment!"
(H.K. Omaha, NE)

"I was happily married to my first husband when I met Susie, over 20 years ago.....she predicted I would have 3 marriages. Well...I just divorced my third husband, and I have to say Susie was spot on!!! I continue to have regular readings and healings with Susie because she is so accurate, and she always
has something positive to say about the future. There are so many frauds out there, but Susie is definitely the real deal!"
(K.K. Virginia Beach, VA)

"Amazingly accurate reading! Gave me peace of mind over some important, but difficult, decisions I had to make. Thank you Susie, you're the best!
(C.S. Maggie Valley, NC)

Future Readings

Susie gives accurate analysis of your future path and options. An excellent reading to have when big decisions need to be made; also good for general guidance. She has many come back clients from all over the United States. Susie uses natural intuition, astrological knowledge, as well as cards to assist with clarification.


Medical Intuitive

Susie is highly trained and has worked for doctors. Advice on natural medicine using crystals, herbs, diet, detoxification, and healing modalities are given to assist with any issues which may be found. These readings are very informative and eye-opening and reveal underlying causes often missed by medical practictioners. Mind, Body, and Spirit are considered and attachment/entities sometimes are revealed by these sessions. Susie will see what they are and how to remove them permanently.

This is an extremely popular session with many come back clients, every year.


Past Life Regression

Is there a simple solution for some of life's persistent problems?

YES! Healing Regression Therapy

Susie is recognized as an intuitive counselor and healer, with over 30 years' experience under her belt. Educated and well-travelled, she has studied most of the world's religions and belief structures, as well as holding a European Degree in Wellness. She has amalgamated all of this knowledge gained over the years into this unique and productive form of therapy for the mind and body.

Regression therapy employs the retrieval of past/present life memories in order to help remove obstacles of:

  • • Unexplained and persistent pain in the body
  • • Depression and Anxiety
  • • Repeated relationship issues
  • • Constant illness and weakness in health not resolved by modern medicine
  • • Emotional trauma
  • • Addictions
  • • Obessessions and complusive behavior
  • • Fears and Phobias
  • • Psychic attack


  • What results can I expect from this treatment?

    Using a natural and gentle method, access is gained to lost memories, helping you to integrate previous knowledge,
    experiences, and understanding into your present life allowing healing to take place.

    Many will feel that a "lost part" of their being is restored and they once again can fulfill their destiny and achieve their
    dreams, unhindered by dormant hidden thoughts and images that have been holding them back either physically, mentally or emotionally. This is called "Soul Retrieval".

    This form of regression therapy does NOT employ the use of hypnosis. The therapy is done using crystals placed on chakra points that stimulate the release of Akashic memories, which then can flow through and into the client's own mind without interference from the therapist who acts as the conduit.


Cost of Sessions?
Regression Therapy $150.00 per visit
Intuitive Reading/medical intuitive analysis $100.00
Intuitive Future Reading $85.00 (cash/local check)
To book a consultation please call 828-242-8418