Waxing for Women - Brazilian & European

European woman (and men), have long known waxing to be the most efficient cost effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair on the face and body for weeks at a time, with no nasty ingrown stubble problems.

Leaving the skin, smooth, and non-irritated, this form of epilation is preferred over shaving and cream depilatories. Rashes and razor burn are a thing of the past!!

All parts of the body can be treated safely. For each treatment, special waxes are used to ensure that hair removal is efficient and easy to do with little or no discomfort to the client. HARD WAX is used exclusively for the Brazilian waxes!!! SOFT WAX is used on legs and larger areas.

BRAZILIAN waxing……by far the most popular and requested treatment, is the removal of hair, front, back and sides in the bikini are leaving this area soft, smooth, and with a clean feeling. Great during hot weather, reducing odor and perspiration!

Women       $70.00                                   * $60.00 (after first visit within 3 months of first treatment)
Men             $85.00                                   * $75.00 (after first visit within 3 months of first treatment)

EUROPEAN BIKINI wax……involves the removal of hair at the top and sides only and is very popular with bikini wearers!
Women/Men   $50.00

AMERICAN BIKINI wax……a more demure waxing taking only the hair present at the sides. Easy, quick, and a great introduction to bikini waxing!

Women/Men  $35.00

UNDERARM wax….another popular treatment…..once you have had one of these you will never want to shave again!!

LEG wax…… time to leave the shaver in the shower and let us show you just how smooth your legs can be. A big favorite of European women, the guaranteed way to long-lasting soft silky legs!

FACE wax……nearly every woman experiences facial hair that she does not want and regular waxing is the cost effective and simple way to remove it. A wax will be chosen to suit the client’s skin type, to avoid redness and irritation. A special “wand” is used following this treatment to avoid any potential breakouts that can manifest following a wax….fabulous!

Lip Wax        $15.00
Chin Wax     $15.00
Whole Face Wax   $45.00 (does not include Brow)
Brow Wax   $25.00

Half leg wax    $45.00 (toes/foot included)
Full leg wax     $75.00